This form is Rai's strongest and deadliest, and he uses this technique only against the strongest enemies like the former lord of the werewolves, Muzaka. It enhances the potency of his aura to the point where it causes the Clan Leaders and even Frankenstein(who had been consumed by the Dark Spear) to tremble and paralyse momentarily.

Rai needs to first remove seals like his earring or the ring which was given him by Frankenstein. He thereupon grows two gigantic wings of blood and this enhances his powers to the maximum. In this form, Rai can block, parry, deflect or dispel the most powerful attacks including ones that are capable of cleaving a mountain in half. After his assumption into this form, Rai immediately summons a Blood Field with several tornadoes. Rai can even affect the weather and the environment in this form, from creating thunderstorms and high-speed winds to causing earthquakes. He culminates the battle by releasing a blood phoenix, a technique powerful enough to annihilate creatures summoned by Soul Weapons. It has been revealed that Rai loses this form when he is attacked and severely wounded.

Used BattlesEdit


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