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  • 0onaakko0

    M-21 x Yuna

    April 29, 2017 by 0onaakko0

    There have been many scenes in the Noblesse manhwa where the authors have hinted at a deeper connection between M-21 and Yuna. This blog is currently dedicated to the -hopefullygonnabe- couple, M-21 and Yuna.

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  • Sreshtiyer

    Hey everyone, so I have been writing a crossover story between Noblesse and Fairy Tail. I have written a one shot story based on the Rai's adventure chapters and another one which is a full length series, which is still ongoing. I would be really glad if you could give it a read and leave suggestions, if any. Here are the links.  

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  • Dio Buccaneer

    Ahoy my Noble readers! I am Dio Buccaneer and I welcome you to "Questions and Answers"! 

    From what I understand some people have questions about the blogs. Things people did not understand and need explanation, things that they wonder about the blogs. That type of deal. Well here you can ask questions about any of the blogs and they will be answered by me! That is all. Go ahead and ask.

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  • Dio Buccaneer

    Ahoy my Noble readers! I am Dio Buccaneer and I welcome you to the Breakdown Analysis blog where we break down and analyse all things Noblesse.

    Today's subject is Werewolf Society and Hierarchy. A subject that is much less defined than the Noble and Human equivalent. Thus I have taken it upon me to hypothesise about it and how it could function.

    So let us begin:

    The Lord: The Lord is chosen by who is the best fighter. That is the only thing you need to know in order to guess what problems plague the Werewolves. Does punching better than everyone else translate to govern better than anyone else? Does it mean you are the most beloved by the public? Does it mean you can voice your opinion without risking bodily harm and humiliation? Does that m…

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  • Strixflash

    Werewolves have grown too fond of their rich lifestyle so much that they have relaxed their guards and stop their natural evolution. The modification might have enhanced their powers but they have lost the will of growing for survival and dominance after learning about the decline of nobles. A safe environment makes you lazy and susceptible to danger.

    On other hand nobles had fallen from power so they are constantly on guard in face of any possible extinction of their race. The danger of extinction made them strong as they trained in order to survive in the world which is no longer under their control. I believe this is the reason why current clan leaders were able to grow so strong in such a short span.

    I believe it's the change in menta…

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  • Dio Buccaneer

    Ahoy my Noble readers! I am Dio Buccaneer and I welcome you to the Breakdown Analysis blog where we break down and analyse all things Noblesse.  

    Today 's subject is Modification, how it is seen and applied as its overall history. There is a page on Modification but it is horribly underdeveloped and ourpurpose today is to change that.

    So let's go:

    What is Modification: Modification refers to a number of scientific methods specialized to artificially enhance one 's performance.

    History: Modification started in an attempt to have humans keep up with Category B species (Werewolves and Nobles). The only previous method of allowing Humans to keep up with them was Contracts with Nobles but that came at the cost of the Contractee 's soul belonging to…

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  • Dio Buccaneer

    Ahoy my Noble readers! I am Dio Buccaneer and I welcome you to the Breakdown Analysis blog, where we analyse stuff about the world of Noblesse. These blogs are meant to improve our knowledge and help grow the wiki as well as our understanding in all things Noblesse.

    As I said in the previous analysis, today we will analyse what makes Muzaka less than ideal as a leader. Now you say "We already went over that" and you are right but now I will make it an analytical rant (I do not see how an article on Muzaka cannot have rant-like qualities on its transcript after it goes on for a while) rather than the throwing-points-on-the-wall rant it was. Expect many parts to be lifted from there. Also I like this format better as it has less distractions.…

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  • Dio Buccaneer

    Ahoy my Noble readers! I am Dio Buccaneer and I am here to welcome you to The Breakdown Analysis Series blog.

    This is the first one of my blogs in which I analyse and break down interesting stuff about Noblesse and help people with learning about its world through my eyes. The subject of the day is "Frankenstein 's Power". Not just the Dark Spear but also the Blood Spear and the rest. Basically what Franky is capable of and his limits.

    So, let's break it down:

    Dark Energy: Dark Energy is not actually energy as energy is a property and not an ability. The correct term is Dark Aura. So what is that? The truth is the aura Franky manipulates is thought to be poisonous because of all the negativity it possesses. That is not entirely correct. The p…

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  • Aster scaber

    Latest Chapter

    March 20, 2017 by Aster scaber

    Chapter 435

    The fan girls' prayers have been answered- Juraki made an entrance...wait..they are still praying...they STILL want him to join Frankenstein's residence. Hopeless! I fancy him, but I would be disappointed if he has a change of heart-not that it should absolve him. We are talking about mass murder here.

    Hand-to-hand combat gets particularly dull with all the werewolf clichés but this time it was pretty decent. I'm perfectly tired of "you have lost your pride as a warrior", "No, you have lost your pride as a warrior", "future of the race"...blah blah

    Urne's sadistic side made things interesting and I'm glad M-21 did not have an unreasonable surge in power. I liked how Juraki remained devoid of any expressions while fighting Lunark. …

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  • Aster scaber

    Translations needed!

    February 22, 2017 by Aster scaber

    In the unlikely event that anyone who knows Korean drops by...Please help with the following:

    1. Noblesse(the novel):

    2. Noblesse(serial?):

    3. Noblesse S:

    4. This advertisement:

    We are at a disadvantage since Naver requires Korean credit cards. Let us know if you have access to the raws. The admins will be more than happy to assist you. Help us expand this wiki!

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  • Cman12

    Muzaka becoming Lord again

    January 13, 2017 by Cman12

    I feel as if the current arc of the series is kinda like a road to redemption for Muzaka. I think Maduke will be his final opponent for this arc. I say that because of course we all know that Maduke is the head conpiritator behind sacrificing their clan members, and i see Muzaka not only confronting him but also challenging him for position of Lord. After learning about how his clan was sacrificed for new power, i see Muzaka wanting to be Lord again to make sure something like that never happens again.

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  • Strixflash

    437 has a big plot hole!

    November 29, 2016 by Strixflash

    If you have read Chapter 437 than you would see the flashback between Rajak and Karias in Lukedonia in which Rajak request Karias to take care of Rael as Karias is going to South Korea (at Rai's place).  (Rajak ask Karias if he is going to Korea at Rai's place, and Karias says that Raskreia requested him to go...)

    This is a big plot hole!  Rajak went to Korea long before Karias. Raskreia sent Rajak to help Rai &co. after the death of 10th & 11th Elders. She chose Rajak on advise of Gejutel who said that Rajak was perfect choice as he is already out of Lukedonia  (probably tracking Rael after his disappearance on season 3) and thus would easily reach Korea soon.. In fact both Rajak and Rael arrived at Franky's home in same time (after the de…

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  • Aster scaber

    The werewolf society

    November 18, 2016 by Aster scaber

    It seems the werewolf race is split in some classes

    1. Commoners/experiment fodder 2. Commoners who earned the title of a warriors after physical enhancement(and approve of using fellow commoners as experiment fodder): Uzhir, Gorma, Krano etc 3. Warriors: Kentas, Lunark, Drakon 4. Warriors who are strong enough to contend for position of the Lord: Zaiga, Dorant 5. The Lord: Muzaka, Maduke

    In the latest chapter(435), Muzaka reveals that he believed Dorant would suceed him. But it is noteworthy that Dorant is subservient to Maduke who in turn was intimidated by Muzaka. They may respect Maduke for pursuing their ambitions but a morally bankrupt clan will not think twice about replacing him with someone stronger. Maduke is the Alpha.

    This is af…

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  • Aster scaber

    Ramen badge is mine!!

    November 2, 2016 by Aster scaber

    Muhahahah!!(evil laugh)

    I shared the news with Strix and Joan (not John, for the longest time I thought it was John) even though it pops in the recent activities.Infact, the edit that resulted in the badge was to tell Joan about it.

    I don't know at what point I started aiming for it. I considered being stingy with my edits for it but eh....intend to upload a series of gifs (Do check the GIF gallery, I think of it as the my best contribution so far but I doubt anyone visits it😥]

    Anyway, human (and werewolf) greed has no limit. I want the wiki life badge! Joan, please don't give up on it, it's encouraging to have company.

    The Grim reaper and the addicted to ramen bages are my favourite badges. Which badge is yours?

    P.S. - Have you tasted ramen?


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  • Aster scaber

    I was reading the spin off series Rai's adventure and Kumark(the bad guy) thinks to himself that Nobles could be so much stronger if they drank blood. Crombel had a fascination with M-24 who use to feed on blood and had developed noble like traits. Since then he has been shown sipping blood several times. Kumark had fragments of the bloodstone implanted in his body so that he could handle the power but Crombel could have tried gaining noble traits instead. Lagus states that the Union succeeded in creating a few so maybe Crombel has one. So now... 1.Crombel looks like a werewolf 2 had Muzaka offering himself as a test subjects(for reasons best known to him) 3. Gives off Franky like aura 4. Could have a blood stone. I just hope he hasn't e…

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  • Strixflash

    Werewolves know that Muzaka is super strong but they once again send 4 WWs to face him and Lunark. Of course Maduke plans to use the experiment from Ignes' experiments to kill Muzaka but still he would loose more power if he blindly send his warriors to face him and Lunark.

    He has already lost 6 modified Warriors (2 by Muzaka and 4 at Lukedonia). Well, it's fine as super strong werewolves with fighting experience don't matter. Let them die!

    Now, why am I saying the werewolves almost killed me by their stupidity in this chapter?

    Well, it's because the short blonde haired WW told the RoboWolf to fight Frankenstein. And that the other three would face Muzaka and Lunark. See? How smart!! Two of them would face Muzaka and the last Lunark! So smart…

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  • Aster scaber

    I'm not talking about the thing she uses to fight M-21 in Ch 420 but the whip she uses to block Kentas' attack after he gets up. M-21 is still bound so it's not the same one. Of course, she could produce more of those. It's obviously her weapon of choice(remember the charming kiss she gives to Regis?).

    I was wondering if Roctis decided not to bequeath it to her, after saying that he had engraved Rai's advice on his soul. It would have been priceless if she tries to summon it but fails to do so. However, daddy's little princess was so eager to try it. There is no way she would be so normal(as per her standards) if that was the case.

    Ignes is one of my favourite characters because I believe that competent villians are pivotal to an interesting…

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  • Aster scaber

    Let's enlist what we know so far: 1. Ignes states that the werewolves managed to create a chimera: a being with a diverse genetic constitution. 2. Ignes had access to Muzaka's body for centuries so maybe she has infused some of his power in this creation. 3.Garda was the only werewolf to withstand the intensity of Ignes' experiments. 4. The subject is suppose to match Muzaka. 5. The subject is suppose to kill Muzaka 6. The creation will not last longer than a day. 7. The werewolf scientists who helped Kentas and M-21 escape have done something else that amounted to serious treason. Did they sabotage the experiment? Assuming it's Garda:

    I am dreading to see what the physical modification has done to her and how Muzaka will bring himself … Read more >
  • Aster scaber

    'Royalties' refers to a group larger than the set of clan leaders. 1.Frankenstein states that there were royalties in major locations watching over the Union. 2. Regis states that although Rael is not a royalty he is one of the best. 3. It is often emphasised the Seira is the last of the Loyards implying that this is an anomaly? So, What became of the family members of the clan-leaders who left Lukedonia 500 years ago I'm not talking about the knights which served their Houses or the civilian nobles of the territory they once watched over but their heirs. At this point I won't write off the Avgain, Siriana and Kravei clans either. Zarga and Urokai entered eternal sleep not too long ago so we can expect some family to pop up. Roctis coul…

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  • Strixflash

    Please read the following comment from a friend of mine and you wil understand. 

    Credits: Jammin [

    It's really kind of incredible how dumb Muzaka is. The IQ of a bag of hammers.

    Lady Werewolf: "Muzuka the Clan is doing terrible things!"

    Muzaka: "I'm sure it's fine, do what your lord says."

    Lady Werewolf: "But Muzaka..."

    Muzaka: "You listen here, everything fine because I say so!(and am too lazy to deal with it.)" 

    • starts to walk away*

    Lady Werewolf:"But..but.. they areexperimenting..."

    Muzaka: "WHAT! The Clan is doing terrible things! Why didn't you tell me!"

    Lady Werewolf:  😵


    The thing that gets me about the whole interaction is that he basically wasn't listening, like at all. She tried to tell him and he spent most of the chapter giving her a hig…

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  • Strixflash

    Noblesse was getting thrashed on a few forum discussions lately (Mangaupdates, Mf). After reading the discussion, I really felt that author was taking his readers for granted:

    1. M-21 could have informed Tao about Kentas before he destroyed his communication device. M-21 had a heck lot of time but he didn't... Obviously author likes M-21 as a stupid hot guy. Fans don't mind though. They are focused on his hot body. Who cares if that guy is dumb?

    2. The stupidest race out there as the main antagonists. Maduke as the main villain of this arc. The same guy who has been the stupidest villain so far. He was so genius that he sent 4 WWs to kill Muzaka in an area which he believed was a home to Raskreia (according to his intel), Raizel and few cl…

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  • Strixflash

    The story is getting annoying. Author would say Rai is close to death but in the next moment he would kill strong opponents like killing chickens.

    Lagus Tradio was hyped so much after he fused with Blood Stone by saying that Rai can't defeat him unless he was as strong as when he killed his elder brother. Lagus absorbed the powers of Werewolves but at the end everything was for naught. Rai having weak life force hardly matters.

    In season 4, Rai's life and death crisis were the main focus. Well, even near the death he was able to kill two human elders 10th &12th), three former clan leaders (Zarga, Urokai and Roctis), and fight Muzaka before getting more life force from Ragnarok.

    I don't mind Rai killing his opponents so easily. What I hate is …

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  • Joan Black


    September 10, 2015 by Joan Black

    Is there any point in the series where thunderstorms are present? Because I would gladly welcome the thunderstorms happening here in our country if I can connect it to Nobles or the others fighting (say, they happen to come to part of the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines while fighting. But of course, that's just me dreaming.)

    Rajak and Kuharu's fight might be the closest right. The people on board a ship think it's not a thunderstorm  (or lightning storm) but some other phenomenon though.

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  • Joan Black

    Always missing a day

    March 22, 2015 by Joan Black

    I can't even get that A Wiki Life badge! What more for that Noblesse badge? Just because I always miss a day! Even if I have to log-in when there's little time left, just when I'm about to upload or do something, the connection always gets severed! I've come to hate things because of this! And I'm running out of things to edit! Maybe I should just stop but how could I? I've done too much to leave this wiki permanently. And the webtoon isn't even over yet (I hope it won't be left like that) so how can I leave? All those people demanding something from me, I can't even do this for myself!

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  • ThatHistory

    Battle Categories...

    February 27, 2015 by ThatHistory

    For the battle categories should we add a category of liek characters incolved or something...

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  • Pionera

    1th Elder

    September 1, 2014 by Pionera

    What if Ashlyn, Muzaka's daughter, wasn't actually killed, but instead the 1st Elder. And she helped Maduke (aka 2nd Elder) become a part of the Union. And faked her death so that Muzaka would start hating humans, which would benefit Maduke. Hehe.. 

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  • Gh0st93


    May 6, 2014 by Gh0st93

    This is a test.





    Also all your badges will belong to I....

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  • Joan Black

    T.T Problems

    May 5, 2014 by Joan Black

    It's not working! The editor, the visual editor... They're not working! I tried another browser, not working! TT_TT

    If this blog post is published, I'll still have hope. If not, I don't know what to do.

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  • Nutella123456

    Chapter 319

    April 16, 2014 by Nutella123456

    When will the new chapter be released??

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  • Joan Black

    Seira sees her original housemates (the other RK-5 members) as either her junior, because of her age, or her mentor. She openly rejects Rael's proposal and it looks like she's developing some feelings for Shinwoo. Rael has noticed this and was about to ask her about it but he didn't have the chance because of Ignes' arrival. Now, I want to know how that part of the story will continue. I'm hoping they can all have a rest before more battles come (the 3rd Elder and the werewolves are enough for now, IMO).

    Furthermore, there's an addition of two clan leaders in Frankenstein's Residence. I know that Seira's quite reserved but I want to know how she thinks of Rajak and Karias, other than as clan leaders. I haven't seen much interaction between …

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  • Joan Black

    Missed one day

    February 16, 2014 by Joan Black

    I feel so sad...

    I missed one day! Goodbye Dedicated badge! I don't think I'll be able to have a shot in receiving it anymore. :(

    (Feb. 16)

    June 18, 2014

    I didn't give up on it! I have that Dedicated badge now. I hope I won't miss another day... I'm aiming for the "A Wiki Life" badge right now.

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  • Ysyoon1998

    Noblesse Animation/Game

    January 24, 2014 by Ysyoon1998


    It's been announced officially in Korea that a game company is in middle of contract talks with the authors about making a mobile game for Noblesse, as well as other popular webtoons, such as God of High School and Tower of God. Also, the media is full of Noblesse Animation News and its potential release date. It is supposedly going to be made by CJ Entertainment but nothing is confirmed yet.

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  • EpicMay07


    January 22, 2014 by EpicMay07


    i just wrote this to get the badge :P

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  • Ysyoon1998

    Noblesse S & Ability

    January 14, 2014 by Ysyoon1998

    Hey guys, I would like to recommend to you to read Noblesse S, which is available on Naver Books but I am not sure where to find the English version. It reveals a lot more about the 'normal' life of Rai and co. and it is actually quite nice taking a break from the recent tension that has been building up. You get to know more about what the guard trio are like and they even get a new pet, which Rai picked up on street after going for his regular walks!! Also, I would like to tell you that the authors have also drawn many other mini-series webtoons, purposely drawn to advertise a brand (like Samsung) and these Webtoons reveal even more about Rai (and his continuing effort to improve his gaming abilities)!! All this is because Noblesse is so…

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  • Joan Black

    Lucky Feeling

    January 5, 2014 by Joan Black

    I really feel lucky getting this badge. And happy, too. But more on lucky. = )

    Back to feeling lucky! Yay! =)

    I got three badges in one day because of this lucky edit badge. I was only going for two when this popped up. ---------------

    Almost forgot to update this blog post. =P

    Hey!!! I've already made 2,000 edits on this wiki! Additionally, I just noticed that I already got 50 badges. =D

    Oh my gosh, I got it! I got the Lucky Edit Badge! I finally have it again on my screen again! Oh my gosh! I really feel lucky. :D I didn't mind when I didn't get it but when I did, it feels like it's really just luck this time. There are so many contributors recently, but I still got it. Also, I found an Urokai gif! The delightful surprise almost felt like …

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  • Ysyoon1998

    Just finished the Frankenstein vs 9th Elder battle!! Please proofread it and make any corrections if necessary. Bani, can you please provide the pic for the infobox?? (I don't have a suitable pic not am I good with photoshopping) I will add an image gallery ASAP. Cheers!! ;)

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  • Joan Black

    Battle pages

    December 18, 2013 by Joan Black

    While exploring the wiki, I noticed the problem regarding battle pages. Some battles do not have pages yet but most of the battles already have their pages. The real problem is their content. I wanted to make a list because not all are listed in the Battle Summary Unit page (I think those listed there are the top priority or major battles). I'll make it when I get home later, I guess.

    The latest battles (vs 9th elder, Kentas, Roctis) would not be completed yet since we depend on updates from the next chapters so I think people can work on the earlier battles especially battles from the beginning of the story because they lack content. They may not be major battles but let's not leave a page blank. It's what Bani, our admin, told me: to at l…

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  • Joan Black

    I got a Rael badge!!! Woooh!!! It's fine if it's just bronze! It's fine if it's just 10 points! I'm just really happy to have obtained my first battle badge, which happens to show Rael!!!

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  • Ysyoon1998

    Just finished it!! Please check it for any factual/grammatical errors!! Cheers!!

    By the way, I removed it from the battle summary project page.

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  • Ysyoon1998

    hey guys, I have just written the battle summary for the battle between Frankenstein vs The 5th Elder. Can you guys please check for any typos or incorrect information? Cheers. :)

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  • Strixflash

    I have noticed many errors in the speed releases by MangaCow... big enough to completly change the plotline. While I respect speed scans, in some senses they are an insult to original authors as they fail to deliever what authors want. One of the example would be on how the speed scans said that it was Frankenstein who created wars for creating Dark Spear... which is wrong. Or in the latest chapter, it is said by Tesamu that "Clan leaders" are planning to kill... which is wrongly translated as it was "Elders"!

    I advise everyone to read and follow Easy Going Scans release as they don't make mistakes! Their quality in translations is superb! Thry clean & edit 'sfx' as well!

    Latest chapter link:

    http://readonline.egscans.or… Read more >
  • Echo chan

    bueno no se si saben español o no, pero es un placer conocerlos....

    Read more >
  • Udarsha45

    Read more >
  • Udarsha45

    Read more >
  • Strixflash

    Battle Pages

    February 13, 2013 by Strixflash

    As you might have noticed we lack some battle pages. Since this is a wiki, I believe every possible fight should be recorded. So we need some help here...

    Battle pages which are non-existant or blank:~

    • Shinwoo vs Infected
    • M-24 vs Jake
    • M-21 vs Mary
    • Frankenstein vs Mary
    • Frankenstein vs Dr. Crombell
    • Regis vs Shark
    • Regis vs Shark & Hammer
    • M-21 vs Shark
    • Frankenstein vs Takeo
    • Frankenstein vs Takeo -Main
    • Regis R Landegre vs Krantz
    • Seira J Loyard vs Hammer
    • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel vs Krantz
    • Frankenstein vs Aris's guards
    • Frankenstein vs Dr. Aris
    • Regis vs Karias
    • Trio vs Rael Kertia
    • M-21 vs Na Yonsu
    • M-21 vs Na Yonsu (2)
    • Takeo vs An Sangeen
    • An Sangeen vs Ked and Lutai
    • M-21 and Regis vs Ked (Well not sure for battle with Ked >.< I wonder who should be on vs Ked )
    • Tao and Takeo…
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  • Strixflash

    I am really happy with the current story developments in Noblesse. It was a frequent complain by fans that the protagonists were invincible as they had Rai. Also, in every fight, Rai had to participate and hence lowering the spotlight recieved by other characters. Now that Rai has entered his hibernation, the others can get a chance to shine.

    Now there is a high sense of danger unlike past, as the enemies are ultra strong and Rai is out of scene. Also, we are now introduced to more elders. Personally, I find the involvement of werewolf a great thing. I was wondering when will werewolves get a chance to appear, and then.....BOOM! A female werewolf appeared who has now the title of 5th Elder. RK-4, who didn't got a chance to shine as their o…

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  • Sensei93

    Season's Greetings

    December 29, 2012 by Sensei93

    Merry Christmas(quite late) and a Happy New Year to everyone.

    I haven't been online here for a while and I noticed that there hasn't been a lot of activity for a while now, but I decided to say hi anyway and thank you to everyone who contributed to the wiki this year to bring it up-to-date and to make it a nice, fun site.

    Have a nice holiday and hope we'll continue to work together to make this wiki the best it can be.Its been a great year.


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  • Wings of the Wind

    New Place to talk

    December 1, 2012 by Wings of the Wind

    After several devastations of attempting to popularize forums, finally we admins have been gifted with sth that might help (thanks to wikia stuffs of course). I know blogs are real popular here among editors to discuss chapters, updates and share ideas; but it'll be great to have discussions which we can tag with articles (without leaving an enormous thread trail like article talks do). The new forum has everything necessary just like manga sites. So, do you people wanna try out the new thing? I will enable the change after you lot give a nod. >_<

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  • Bharatram1

    Why is Rai's Hair Silver and not Black ? It seems to be transationing from Black to Silver, is that a sign of Rai losing his powers ? or is it the Artist messing up the Artwork ? Either way this is an interesting turn of events. 

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  • Kainee

    Noblesse's Take on Vampires

    November 8, 2012 by Kainee

    I recently discovered Noblesse through the TV tropes when I was going on a wiki walk (I can't even remember how I got to Noblesse). What immediately struck me when I first read Noblesse was that the first few chapters didn't even really need translation as they were mostly silent with little to no dialogue. Then, I got absorbed in the story and the characters.

    The one thing that I realized after catching up to the latest translated chapters is that Noblesse was similar to but also different than Twilight. Like Twilight, Noblesse is an original interpretation of the vampire legend. Unlike Twilight, the interpretation works and isn't a superficial trapping. Unlike Twilight's sparkly vampire skin, the fact that Noblesse's lack of blood drinkin…

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