Assassination squad
The Assassination Squad(also referred to as Assassin Team) is a group of modified assassins seemingly working for the Union but actually take orders from and work for Dr. Crombel. They have infiltrated into almost every sections of the Union and act as Crombel's eyes and ears. It is hinted that the squad is covertly aiding Crombel to bring the entire Union under his sole command.


The list of assassin team members were never revealed. They said anonymity was necessary to carry out their missions. The Elders didn't care and none else had the authority to pressurize Dr. Crombel to reveal the list and therefore the list was never registered, not even in top secret files.

So far the members of the assassination squad who have been revealed with the progression of Noblesse are:

  • Mary, who was the only assassin acknowledged by other Union members as she was always positioned as Crombel's bodyguard. Mary was considered the weakest of the Assassination Squad and she was observing Jake to see if he should be a member.
  • Yuri, who apparently worked under the 12th Elder, has been shown to be intelligent enough to fool the Elders of the Union into believing false information and hiding his true power and affiliations.
  • Mark, who can change his body, power level, speed, and even his memories in order to infiltrate groups or organizations to gather data or any other mission he has been assigned. 
  • Bonerre, who was shown to be strong enough to defeat Takeo with little effort. He also was willing to sacrifice his life if it was for Dr. Crombel.
  • Kalvin, who looks like a small boy with dark hair and circles under his eyes. He is sent to Korea along with Mark to aid Yuri in collecting the remaining data of Frankenstein's research. He specialized in poisons and toxins.

Candidate Edit

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