Ashleen was a half-werewolf. Her father was Muzaka, the previous Lord of werewolves, and her mother was a human. It is said that she was killed by a human[1] which incensed Muzaka in burning rage and caused him to go on a rampage to kill all humans before being stopped by Raizel.  


She was a young girl with brown locks and blue eyes, bearing little resemblance to her father (revealed in Noblesse OVA).


Ashleen lived with her mother first. After her mother was killed in a war, Muzaka took her in and raised her. While journeying with Muzaka, Ashleen continued to witness one horror of war after another. Note that she didn't know he was her father.


Ashleen was very lively, energetic and highly talkative. She was also empathetic; she desired for a power to become strong so that she could use that power for others so other children would not have to suffer of losing families in wars like she had. Muzaka declined to teach Ashleen to use power because that was not what her deceased mother wanted. Also due to her altruistic personality, she would help around too many people which would eventually become a burden on her.

Ashleen develops an instant crush upon meeting Raizel.

The TruthEdit

Maduke's werewolf henchmen killed her with a crossbow (purposely not using werewolf powers), fooling Muzaka into thinking that humans murdered her. This led to the tragic chain of events which ended in Muzaka and Raizel nearly destroying each other 820 years ago, forcing Raizel into long hibernation (revealed in Noblesse OVA).


  • Muzaka: Her relationship with her father was on good terms as his reaction to her death was grief and rage. However, Muzaka never revealed to Ashleen that he was her father, and she died without ever knowing it.

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Plot OverviewEdit

Muzaka 327

Muzaka remembers Ashleen.

Ashleen first appears in the memory of Muzaka when Dr. Crombel mentions her death to control the rampaging werewolf.[2] In the present, memories of her death still haunt Muzaka. This causes him to go on rampages.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Although she appeared to be a fragile little girl, Ashleen managed to take down 4-5 (human) adult soldiers by herself.


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