The 1st Elder (Kor. 1장로) is the highest ranking member of the Union. His identity has been one of the biggest enigma in the series so far.

Background Edit

His identity and background has been hidden by the authors so far. The strongest organization in the world, Union, is lead by him.


At the end of season 1, 1st Elder holds a meeting with fellow Elders to promote Dr. Crombel to the position of an Elder.

Later on, 1st Elder rebukes 12th Elder along with the rest of Elders for creating a scene at Lukedonia with his fleet. 1st Elder also chides him for sending Cerberus to South Korea without consulting the other Elders.

After the death of 10th Elder and 11th Elder at the hands of Nobles, the governing council of Union decides to start a war with the Lukedonia. 1st Elder sends Zarga, Lunark and 8th Elder to South Korea to punish those involved in the deaths of Union Elders.

1st Elder is shocked when he learns that The Noblesse is alive and he tries to comfort Roctis. The Elders decide to not create any trouble with Lukedonia for the time being and focus all their efforts on removing the Noblesse. They decide to inform about the new crisis to the other traitor clan leaders who aren't a part of Union.

Tension starts brewing between the Elders after the death of Roctis and 9th Elder as Maduke learns the truth about Muzaka. 1st and 3rd Elders tries to pacifies Maduke by feigning ignorance about Muzaka's captivity in Roctis' island. They are forced to stop their efforts of capturing Muzaka as they can't afford the wrath of Maduke and his werewolf clan. 1st Elder is impressed by Crombel's research and request him to provide result so that the Union can survive the upcoming betrayal of Maduke.

After the unsuccessful invasion of Lukedonia by Maduke's force, 1st and 3rd Elders realize that the only thing stopping Maduke from destroying Union is Lukedonia. 1st Elder orders 3rd Elder to keep tabs on Maduke and further request Dr. Crombel to help Union in gaining power.

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